2017: Bangkok, Thailand

The next commission meeting will be at the BWA’s Annual Gathering, July 3-8, 2017, in Bangkbangkokok, Thailand.

Our first session will take place on Wednesday, July 5, from 2-4 PM. The focus will be on Baptist heritage in Thailand.

Rev. Dick Worley, who has served for many years as an American Baptist missionary in Thailand, will give an overview paper on Baptist mission work in Thailand. It will be followed by a time for questions and discussion. In the second hour Mr. Jarkawan Kinghirunwatana will focus on the history of one of the most prominent Baptist Churches in Thailand, followed by a time of questions and discussion.

Our second session will be Thursday, July 6, from 4:30-6:30 PM. This will be a joint session with the Religious Freedom Commission. The focus will be on Baptists in Myanmar.

Dr. Wado Saw, a valued colleague who is well qualified to speak about the history of the witness of Baptists from Burma/Myanmar, will give the two talks. The first hour will include an overview of 200 years of Baptist work in Burma/Myanmar. This is appropriate give the relatively recent 200 year celebrations of Baptist work in that country. The second hour will include a presentation on the suffering and persecution of Christians from Myanmar today. Both talks will be followed by the usual time for questions and discussion.

The third session will be held on Friday, July 7, from 2-4 PM. This will be a work session on commission projects.

In this session, we will discuss things done during the year, any new ideas for consideration for future work, and in particular ideas for Zurich next year. Two of our colleagues have agreed to look into possible ideas for a trip associated with Baptist heritage sights to accompany this Annual Gathering, so we will have time to consider any proposals brought to this session.

For more information about the Annual Gathering, visit the BWA website.

You can also contact the commission chair for more information.